Entrepreneur At Heart

Since the age of 15 years old, I have always held down a job or side hustle. From selling chocolates and flowers, working call centre gigs, weekly newspaper routes, Mystery Shopping, etc (I will explain more very shortly how to get started for most later on). I do work a Full-Time job currently as a Property Manager/ Administrator. But, Everyone knows to help fast track your way to being debt-free or to blast your savings goals faster then possible is through side hustling. It definitely is the way to go. I’ve been working from home since I can remember. At times working a full time, part-time and a side hustle at the same time.

Yup! you heard me

2 to 3 gigs at a time. I’m very determine. I never let my brain idle for too long without learning something new and exciting.

Solving puzzles is my thing

I don’t give up until I can find a solution to whatever needs to be solved.

Tell me, Do you also dream of a debt free future? How do you plan to get out of debt or are you already debt-free?


Secret clear Gel Review

It finally arrived today. I’m so excited.

My package from BzzAgent

My package from BzzAgent

Delivered June 30th, 2015.

 It’s been a long time since my last product review with BzzAgent. A lot has changed since the. I had a new baby, moved from my old home and some other needed life changes.

I know I’ve mentioned it a lot before but….

I Love BzzAgent!!!

I have used also of different types of deodorant and anti-aspirant . Secret Clear Gel was both a thumbs up and a thumbs down for me. I really love the clear, great smell, mess free, no white marks and dry feel of it when applied. But I had to re-apply several times for the day. I’m a one and done type of girl. I really love secret and all their deodorants and antiperspirants, but this product I feel was too weak for me. I’m really busy and always on the move. I need strong perfection that lasts. Well at lease another plus is it was travel size. Still great fun.


Thank you BzzAgent and Secret.

Good bye employment Insurance, Hello full time income

 I am completely is shock with how quickly time dies.  it is almost one year since since leaving work early year, i can blame my early leave from my full time work due to me going into premature labour Las June 2014. I wasn’t schedule for my actual due date till July 29th 2014. I had a shockingly good pregnancy this time around with my 2nd munchkin.  I had all the energy I could ever need compared to my first pregnancy with my first child. It really sucked. I was sick and nauseated every single day, all hours of the day. I was so miserable with no energy at all.


Looking back to my first pregnancy, I could see where all my financial woes first started.  I was taking the prescribed medicine to offset my feeling of being sick however. , it never worked ever. I was one foot with no vehicle. Only public transit trying to get to work on time.  1/2 way through my trip I would get sick and have to get off a bus,streetcar or the subway till it was safe to journey. Some days I would eventually  make it to work and other days I would have to make a uturn and just go home.


They can’t say I never tried.  the thing that made the situation totally life changing to my lovely hood ,is that it was medically recorded on my file.  I  received approval to be away from work if I couldn’t make it in. But I  wasn’t given the grenlight my our companies insurance investigation company to be paid for any time I wasn’t able to make.


I know a lot of readers are saying. Well ya no work no pay what makes you special. Well I don’t consider myself special in anyway to avoid the rules. I accepted my fate and keep it moving.  I struggled with my dramatically low paycheck  every other week. Some pay periods I would miss only one or 2 day and others I would miss several days. I lived very minimally . There came a point  when I was so sick of not making ends meet. I struggled to even eat some day. And believe you me it was tough being pregnant and being able to eat or supply my cravings whenever I wanted. that time in my life pushed me to research a company i heard about from a previous coworker from a previous employment. I researched and became an independent phone/ order taker for Pizza Pizza/ Pizza 73 for Alberta. The best side hustle gig i ever started. Too bad it ended to soon. . But that’s another story for another time.


What I’m trying to say is I’m no rookie to the hard times of living off a reduced salary, one income, no saving, accumulating debt. Back in 2010 was the original start of my debt journey. II’ just sick to my stomach  remembering the hardiness.  but no or can move forward from debt without reconizing the cause or debt and creating a well thought our plan to resurrect ones self  from the deep pit of debt.


Oh yeah, I completely  recognized my debt predicament and I’m ready to make a change.

Today I plan better for my and children’s future much beer.  I learn to live below my means, I learned to determine my needs from my wants.

If I don’t have enough for something,then forget it.

I’m more stable and comfortable where my life is today.  I’m not saying that I see the glass ceiling  and I will live with it. I just saying I recognize where I am now and I’m smart about and cautious of my actions now. One wrong move and I not only affect my own life but my children’s lives as well.


I Ontario  our rate of income for being on employment insurance is 55% of your regular pay. Yeah  pretty tight!

 it only lasts for one year from the date to left your employment. Not everyone is approved for this type of EI(employment Insurance ). Thank goodness  I was.  I remember how incredibly great I felt with this pregnancy. I was very energetic. I would always walk where I had to go Aalto.  speed walk might I add. I was at the park on a daily basis for upto 2 hours at a time with my first born playing. On the side and all that the park had to offer to us. I dint want her to feel bored or leftout from my fun because I’m pregnant.  really not fair. I carried heavy things.includjng lifting my daughter as we would travel to ND from work on public transit. More times then not she would fall s sleep on the way and would not wake up to move on her own. She was only 3 at the time.  boy it was hard  but what’s hard makes you stronger. And I am.


I really do regret any of it . One income reduced is no fun but it is totally doable.

The time is nye


I can believe the time is almost here to return to my full time duties at work. It’s bitter sweet but I’m kinda excited to go back. I really gonna miss spending every waking minute with my baby munchkin.  I love my children a lot and love spending time with them but I must return to sword.  


No work no money.


Living off my EI income of 55% is pretty tight. But 100% of Mt pay sound even better.i literally start back on June 29th 2015. Thank goodness for living in a city with subsidized child car. I am completely bless to receive my funding to go back to work in the right amount of time.as I did the first time around as back in 2011. Even earlier  then I was expected.  I’ve heard horror stores but thank goodness it all worked out well for me.


When I start work I will continue my same mindset I am in preparation return to work( living on EI,  I don’t want to change anything with the way I live now. With me keeping up this mindset and saving while eliminating  my debt momentum,  I will be on track to saving up to $1000 / mth.


I know a whole $1000 savings and all this just by pretending  I’m still making only just over $1300/mth. It’s awesome to see the power of our minds  and what we can accomplish.  things like this make me so excited. I am completely on board with my new start and finally  taking control of my future.  I can’t wait to punch my debt right in its face. Wow  whole $1000 i’m so proud.


I didn’t start yet but I’m excited. I’m the type of person that get motivated by the possibilities.


Please let me know what you think. Should I save more? What’s the best way to trick myself into saving money? How to stay motivated paying off my debt.

The wonderful world of BzzAgent

What is BzzAgent

Connects people and their favorite brands since 2001, Becoming debt-free and financially independent has been a major dream of mine for longer than I could remember. There are lots of people out there wishing for the same thing as I am. However, there is only a small fraction of these pe ople that are actually able to achieve such a mighty goal.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”

It is so funny to me that I have been in this same situation with debt and bad financial decisions in the past. I was able to pull myself out of that stomach cramping, throat tightening, hard to breath feeling that my debt gave me. I had a lot of sleepless nights and I often wondered back then how I was going to eat or even pay my rent. Let alone get to work to support myself.

One thing I definitely realized in life is that no one and nothing can hold you back from following your dream or goal. The only person that can do this is YOU!

I let fear get the best of me a lot, but I always knew if I sat down with an open mind and came up with a real plan. Nothing illegal, I know I will be fine. So that’s exactly what I did then and this is what I absolutely will do now.

BzzAgent is the leading social marketing company. They put products in the hands of hundreds of thousands of real consumers and help them share their opinions about them with friends and family via reviews, Facebook posts, photos and videos, blog posts and more.

That Bzz Means to Me

BzzAgent is a wonderful affiliation that I hold. BzzAgent is an American owner business, located in Boston, MA. What makes them so wonderful is they offer regular social network socialites the opportunity to connect with friends, family as well as the public worldwide. You have the opportunity to  be one of the first people test  products, that are new to the market. What you do is share the items with everyone you know. Start up discussions about he product. You can also share the free samples with anyone.

Social networking in very important for any business in this day and age. You can reach anyone globally within seconds to share review and get anyone’s option. 

My BzzAgent

I have been a proud BzzAgent for over the last 2-3 months now, sharing my insight and opinion with anyone I know. Being a BzzAgent does not cost you anything, and you are not paid for your services.  What’s so awesome about this is, I get to test everything for free and I also get not just one of anything to try but over 9 or more. There is absolutely no business out there that I’m aware of that will give you up-to 9 products to test for free. It’s just not possible.

So I’m really excited and thrilled to be testing my first product with Buzz. 

Stay at tuned for updates on my first and future assignments.
Let me know know what you think. Do you currently product test or would you like to get started?

Welcome to Mommy 2 Baby Bucks



Hi there! My name is Shellyann Kelly, I am the owner of Mommy 2 Baby Buck.

The purpose of my blog is to hold myself accountable for all the financial decisions I’ve made in my past, currently in my present and in my future.I want everyone to come along on my journey of becoming debt-free. I will accomplish this by:

  • Paying down my $26,000 student loan,
  • Eliminating over $13,000 consumer debt,
  • Growing a strong investment portfolio,
  • Saving for emergencies,
  • Saving for my first home and a new car.
  • Saving for both my children’s college fund.

Mommy 2 Baby Bucks will provide myself and other debt burdened individuas with the support and encouragement needed to say bye bye to debt.

feel free to leave me a comment, words of encouragement or even some tips. I always love to hear from you. Thank you.

“Yes! We can control our future. It’s never to late.”